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Our business creates health and wellness self-care retreats utilizing mindfulness, movement, art and adventure. We unplug from the daily bustle and let the healing properties of nature cleanse and recharge our spirits.

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Kim G.

I can't thank Kia and Shamay enough...These two ladies are awesome facilitators. They go above and beyond to make this intimate experience feel warm, safe and peaceful. I fully recommend these two Sound Women to any woman looking to make a positive change in your life.

Ricky Jo E.

Safe warm environment. I felt safe in the presence of Kia & Shamay to allow myself to work/heal on my insides.
I will definitely attend more work shops

Tina M.

These women have the ability & higher guidance to create powerful space for healing... I feel safe, nurtured & willingness to lean completely in to my process... 5 stars is not a sufficient scale.


Shamay Thomas

Compassionate, dedicated and driven healthcare professional with extensive experience working with a variety of diverse populations. 10+ years of life, health and wellness coaching experience. Over 16 years of profound transformational recovery from negative patterns and behaviors. Meditation practitioner and facilitator. Expressive-art wellness facilitator. Enthusiastic and dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and lost dreams. Passionate about helping others break negative and abusive patterns so they may find connection with others, joy, and freedom within themselves. 


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kia King

Zen body therapist. 12+ years of massage practitioner experience, facilitating health and well-being through bodywork. Meditation practitioner and meditation instructor. Over 21 years of experience of wellness life coaching.  Has helped women find positive personal growth and profound life changes. Exceptional at coaching and supporting them on reducing self-harm associated with negative thoughts and behaviors, recovering from old habits, improving their present life, and reaching goals for the future. 

We specialize in helping busy professional moms gain more joy, confidence and self-esteem by creating and implementing  simple self-care strategies so they can, unapologetically, build the life of their greatest dreams



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